Group Christina Watches-Onfone’s Programs Gets Permitted By The Danish Cycling Federation

Crew Christina Watches-Onfone’s applications gets authorized by the Danish Cycling Federation.

Staff Christina Watches-Onfone has brought the green sign from the Danish Cycling Federation, in reaction to its request for a Continental license.

As many as seven Danish groups tried for the license and it appears like Claus Hembo’s team will not have to wait much in reaching its first objective after the Dutch authorities expected the team to submit additional economic information.

Hembo has recently explained he will melt the crew in Denmark and will seek the license overseas if the Danish Cycling Federation denies his request this time around.

‘There was a way to move abroad, nonetheless it was undoubtedly merely a stopgap measure because we believe that we’re a Danish crew.’

‘But if possibilities had been that we might sometimes shut the group or move it, we’d have been required to move abroad.’

The team management will now deliver a credit card applicatoin of the team develop around Michael Rasmussen, who won the Tour de France 2005-06 climbers jersey.

Jasper Worre of DCU told that the whole quantity of seven factors, including Team Christina Watches-Onfone directed an application on Wednesday which includes been sent to UCI for further search.

Crew Owner Claus Hembo stated that his side is significantly more powerful than a number of other top level teams and also visited an extent of evaluating his side with the 15-year World Tour side, Team Saxo-Tinkoff.

Hembo stated that his team’s economical situation is a lot better than Bjarne Riis’ group and is unquestionably one of the best teams in Denmark.

‘Even when compared with Bjarne Riis, we are still the economically strongest group in Denmark.’ he mentioned.

Comprehension the DCU issue ‘that a staff doesn’t breakdown at the center of the summer season, and I can easily under that they’ve this need. But I do not feel that there has actually been any doubt about our economy,’ he mentioned.

Danish Cycling Federation has accepted the Continental licence applications for an overall total quantity of seven teams and it’s up to UCI, if selections Team Christina Watches-Onfone or not.

The ultimate listing of Danish groups seeking the Continental permit contain Team Tre-For, Team Designa Kkken-Knudsgaard, Team N. Jensen-Ramirent, Group Concordia Forsikring-Riwal, Christina Watches-Onfone, Crew Conspiracy Electricity and Blue Water Cycling. Learn more: billig mobilabonnement

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